Fox Valley Ghost Hunters Mon Nov 13 9pm PST

Craig Nehring is from Minocqua, WI and lived in that area for 30 years. He lived very close to Summerwind Mansion and that is how he got his start into ghost-hunting. In addition he would see shadows and hear voices and things he couldn’t explain.In 2005 Nehring moved to the Fox Valley area. Around that time the ghost-hunting shows on television, started to pop up all over the place. Nehring decided to build his own team of investigators. His team’s first investigation was at an old hospital. In 2010 the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters were in the local news paper, The Post Crescent followed them around in the building and wrote a story on the team. This was only the beginning.

Now in 2017, Nehring never thought they would be where they are at. Some teams don’t like publicity or to be in the spotlight. Craig is just the opposite. He wants the attention to get his teams name out there. Mr. Nehring has a book called Wisconsin’s Most Haunted. Wisconsin’s Most Haunted can be found on Amazon, and many other places as well. Currently Nehring is working on a second book for Wisconsin haunts with his Co-Author Enid Cleaves. In addition he is writing another book based on his teams out of state investigations. Nehring’s team did some U.S.Cellular commercials and had over a million views. The Fox Valley Ghost Hunters are doing seminars all over different libraries in Wisconsin. Over the past few years the FVGH team has been in parades and been featured on TV. Various newspapers such as the Huffington Post and Milwaukee Sentinel have published articles on them.  They look forward to a great year with more opportunities including Villisca Ax Murder House and Waverly Hills Sanitarium. Each team members favorite motto is No End In Sight. They hope to meet many new faces and hear your ghost stories as well.

The Fox Valley Ghost Hunters have a team that is very caring and helpful towards their clients. The team’s goals are to help their clients deal with what is in their homes or business. All team members will do their best to help clear their house of anything that could be negative. Every member is a team of individuals of all ages from 20 to 50 . Every member’s soul purpose is not to run around and see ghosts, but to give help and direction to their clients when needed. Nehring investigates already well known haunted spots to learn about what is there and why they are there and to find answers to the afterlife.  Please follow them on Facebook and enjoy all their pictures and voices and stories throughout the years.  Craig wants to thank all his teams clients and followers throughout the years and today for without their continued support and enthusiasm we would not exist. Craig-SM

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