The Real Deal – Michael Dunning

Episode 2/25/17

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Michael Dunning

The DIFO Documents is a ground breaking UFO E-Video E-Documentary never created or envisioned this way to show the world what is out there. I researched over five years to include over 500 Videos of the most Authentic Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) Sightings filmed on video! Please remember these videos were filmed by others from all different religions, nationalities, and from all over the world, and none of these peoples new one another, but felt so compelled to show their videos online because of what they saw in the skies. They all spoke different languages as well, and they were amazed while filming whatever it was they saw, and experienced. So this is just too big to not be true there are just too many sightings in the world. I just cataloged what society is seeing, and filming, and uploading to the web. I feel and want to spread & share what I found with society.

YouTube – The DIFO Documents THOUSANDS of UFO videos!

Website – The DIFO Documents

Facebook – Michael Dunning

Twitter – @michaeldunnin10


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