Scary Stuff

Episode 2/10/17

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Guest: James Best

News from Adam Shadow

From the chatroom:

Apocales im signing 90% of this room up for Alcoholics Anonymous

Curt gets annoyed when he cannot talk 55 seconds out of every minute

lets sign him up for

A Whole Skeptic I can throw in some tripple sec. That might save it.
Tiffany GoddessOfLove If I see you guys I’m running the other way.
Ophedian It went black because that gravity bong hit destroyed you in that moment Wolfman
KTLK THE FRINGE FM Are they gonna start playing beer pong now. What happened to radio ????
Stabby Mchugs if you can prove something paranormal its no longer paranormal its just called normal
in order to come to the conclusion that something is paranormal you must first eliminate all know and unknown NATURAL causes.. if you cant, then its simply NOT KNOWN. its not assumed its beyond the natural world. that is flawed thinking
Curt Green mix the Lord…and music.,..and Ezekiel ch 1…all into a cool show.
Political Woodstock they sound like guys having fun

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