Goddess of Love

Episode 1/14/17

Download episode from spreaker-logo

Tiffany calls in to talk about her spiritual journey.  Lots of information and personal experiences.  A must listen. – anonymous

Twitter – @TimeKeeper333

Facebook – Universal Love


Willy  I got jokes but wolfman banned me

meditation is great for personal growth but it does nothing outside your own bodynuns are a pretty safe group to make fun of

Ophedian  Love needs some lovin
Stabby McHugs  if you can draw a blank mind for even a second that is something
then start to dismiss stay thoughts like dropping them into a well or down a river
the best way to do it so to picture a scene in your head as vividly as possible untill it is only thing you are thinking about
body awareness and pushing back of thought
 Moogboy  Next week we should do an old fashioned Art Bell mass consciousness experiment! 😃

Apocales  putting ur energy into the earth

what was the location, and were u on meth and/or booze and/or acid and/or shrooms?

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