Mysterious Carolina

Episode 12/30/16 @ 9pm PST/Midnight EST

Alastar Packer

is a non-fiction writer, born and raised in the Carolinas and Georgia. The serious writing began again about six years ago after once being a part-time writer, advertising salesman, and interviewer for a mid-sized city newspaper and a sports-car racing magazine. And boy was it ever a refresher course to start writing again after so many years of being idle in that department. 

Regarding my blogs, I hope you’ll enjoy Dim the Lights! which is a…mmm…”fictional” story that covers the years I worked in an independently owned  cinema in the South.

Mostly the chapters are about anecdotes of the theater’s employees and life in the town and its many lovable, memorable, and sometimes oddball, characters; along with many other things, like patrons’ reactions to the movies the theater featured on their first release.

Perhaps the excerpts on here could be considered a kind of slightly harder-edged That ’70s Show in a way...set in a cinema and its Southern community instead of a Wisconsin neighborhood in the North.  The last chapter, 1983, and epilogue, when written to an additionally expanded text of the other eight chapters, along with many professional drawings and caricatures, will be included in a book that is planned to be published sometime in the future.

Mists and Moonlight covers stories pertaining to the paranormal and mysterious, largely in the towns and hinterlands of the South, but some from Europe and elsewhere. Some of these will be from first person experience.  Many guest writers and photographers contribute to the M&M blog pages and it is always exciting and appreciated when they do. 

The Once Upon a History articles are written in a style that allows as many  personal pictures by the writer as possible to be included with them, the same as with the other topics.  Once Upon a History largely covers American and some European history.
This category also has many great guest writers, each with their own unique stories, fiction and non-fiction.

The Carolinian’s Archives is pleased to announce a new subject, that is now published, called Carolina Critters and other Animals of the South. These articles will cover animals from the Carolinas —  southeastern North America, really, with hopefully the occasional guest writer contributing their appreciated stories in the future here as well.

Visitors from the U.S. and around the world, please do enjoy your stay. My home is your home here and any thoughts, questions, stories, interview requests, suggestions or corrections are always most welcome on the Contact Me page.

Possibly you’ll like my co-authored book Mysterious & Miraculous in the Book Shoppe section. 70% of the proceeds from this book go to the K9s for Wounded Warriors and Support Homeless Veterans.  Worthy charities they are for sure my friends.

Website –

Twitter – @AlastatP

Google+ – Alastar Packer

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