Jordan Bonaparte – Oak Island, Bell Island Boom

Podcast 11/18 – 9pm PST/12am EST

Download podcast from  spreaker-logo

Jordan Bonaparte @NightTimePod is the writer, producer, and host of The Night Time Podcast.

With a lifelong interest in the topics covered and a keen eye for both research and storytelling, Jordan is well positioned to share Canada’s weird and wonderful people, places and events with the world.

The chance discovery of a 65 year old journal and his subsequent search for it’s author lead to his investigations being brought into the public eye locally. Since then he has been busy unraveling the many mysteries Canada has to offer and he invites you to join him.

The Night Time Podcast is an independent show sharing non – fiction stories from Atlantic Canada.

Topics range from true crime, mysteries, the paranormal, and sometimes the just weird. With in depth research and interviews with relevant guests, the show strives to provide listeners with a comprehensive telling of the story, and much to consider.

New episodes released on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Website –

Twitter – @NightTimePod 


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