Flat Earth Head

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I’m Walt, AKA Flat Earth Head. I began this journey in 1969 as I watched the first moonwalk. Intent on reaching that moon myself, I began a lifelong journey through the sciences: astronomy, astrophysics, chemistry, biology…the more answers I got, the more questions I found, the more knowledge I sought…many theories came and went, both personally and in the world of Big Science. I spent years in school arguing with my professors…most times we both came away richer for the debate. Upon realizing that true research and actually pushing the accepted paradigm envelope is no way to advance academically, I forged my own path…which has now led me to cast aside all accepted beLIEf systems and rely on Zetetic principles.

When I stumbled across FE in early 2015 while doing my own research on the Lunar Wave Phenomenon, I immediately set about debunking this Flat Earth nonsense. Here I am almost 2 years later with my own YouTube channel for FE research, a twitter account that grows daily, and a multitude of Flat Earth Friends who have helped make this website and these podcasts an amazing reality. Besides research, I co-hosted a cable access show in the early 2000s called Reality Check, on which we explored many of the same topics I post about on Twitter @facebones777. I enjoy playing guitar (that’s me on the heavy guitar intro to a few of our vids), singing (ask nice and I might show you some karaoke vids!) reading, flying drones, art (making and appreciating) meeting new people who are awake, and exploring this beautiful, still Flat Infinite Plane. Come along for this journey, it’s been interesting so far!

Flat Earth Head – YouTube channel

Flat Earth Head – Twitter

IronRealmMedia.com – A collective of truthers working in unison to colaberate on seeking the truth.

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