Athena Zeub

Theologians of Orion

Athena Zeub is the author of “The Theologians of Orion: Our Creator’s Speak” an amazing book which chronicles the compelling story of her mother’s 1958 alien abduction and continuing present day contact with biblical people from Orion, the ones we call “The Watchers”. She has come forward to present the Orion messages being received by her mother and explain the meaning these messages may hold for the human race. Athena will also trace the intriguing path she has taken leading to a remarkable simultaneous awakening experience with her mother when the prophetic voices began to be accepted.

Athena has spent the last 15 years of her professional life as a Project Manager for large construction projects. Amongst her peers, she was known as a go-getter and a person who gets things done. Athena speculates that this may be the reason she was chosen by the Orions to help her mother get their wonderful story to the interested public.

Twitter @AthenaZeub

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