Adam Watt

Adam Watt is an indie SciFan author who grew up with tons of books and learned how to read at age four. As he learned to read, he found himself drawn to the Star Wars saga. Star Wars gave Adam endless ideas for stories, and he used these influences and other media influences to write a 2,789-word short story for his 11th grade creative writing class where he won the 1st place award for the most engaging short story. He experienced the joy of witnessing his classmates enjoy his story’s twists and turns, suspenseful moments, and moments of tender romance. This is what he feels is at the heart of being a writer – the feelings of gratitude and satisfaction when your story is enjoyed by others, as well as having fun world-building and writing the stories themselves.
Adam’s first novella, The Rebirth: Shades of Apocalypse, is a hybrid combination of two of his previous short stories. This novella will be released in about three weeks, and will be the first installment of an epic trilogy that will feature twists and turns with unexpected outcomes, suspense, and mystery with a dash of humor. His future sequels The Reborn: Shades of Apocalypse and The Revelations: Shades of Apocalypse will pick up right after the events of the first, with more of the paranormal action readers crave.


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